Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York,  I spent most of my teenage years in Greenwich Village hanging out in coffee houses... The Bitter End, Gerdes Folk City, The Bottom Line to name a few. My love of Music has been part of my life since childhood and I  have written well  over 100 songs.

Song writing is one of the many ways to express oneself as a creative artist. 

“I am self taught. My first exposure to music was sitting under a baby grand piano as my mother played Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata..."

"Sound and Music are like tastes and smells, it is one of those senses that stir up memories...or creates them..."

My other love is recording music. Producer/engineering is something l I will never stop doing.

I believe that when you hear a song, it becomes yours. Songs, lyrics, melodies are meant to be given away, and the meaning they stir up, the sound and experience of them, will be completely different and unique to each person.

Richard R Ressler
Sonoma County, California