WELCOME to the personal page.

What do you do? People ask me.
The appropriate answer would be this:
To earn a living I Clean things: click on
The Art of CLEAN
To bring a smile to one's face and make a little money, I paint or write songs
click on ResslerArtStudios or Music

To make a difference, see below.

I believe people can change and do great things with their life.
My purpose is to uplift, inspire and support those efforts to change
wherever it is possible.
One destination, many paths to get there.

It starts with a conversation.

You can contact me by email or voice-mail:
email: inspired2inspireu@gmail.com
Voice: 707-291-5289

Everything I do has a purpose. It may be to make & keep something clean.
Or it may be a painting or drawing.
Or just a simple conversation

What do you do?  What do you need? Perhaps I can assist you.  
Click on the appropriate heading above.